Car Rentals & Taxis

Once you’re here, there are several options available to move you around. Car Rental Mountainview Esso 204-638-7874 Taxi Companies Dauphin Taxi 204-638-3315 Dauphin Handi Van 204-638-8884

Dauphin by Automobile

There are various routes to get to Dauphin, depending on where you are coming from. Please use Google Maps to determine which route is best for you. Always remember to check highway conditions before travelling here.

VIA Rail

CNR Station is considered one of Manitoba’s finest pieces of railway architecture. Its impressive size, picturesque roofline, dormers, turrets and decorative brick and stonework are a remarkable focal point in the community. The station sees VIA trains pass through twice weekly enroute to northern Manitoba, often filled with passengers curious to see the tundra and polar bears of Churchhill! Via