Hiking, Biking and Everything in Between

Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) is a unique mix of habitats characteristic of eastern, western and northern Canada. This intersection forms a diverse pattern of forests, grasslands and valleys allowing for a variety of mammals such as black bears, moose, elk, wolves and coyotes. The park has over 400km of trails for hikers, mountain bikers and horse packers. Most of the hiking trails are single use but almost all of the rest of the extensive trail system is designated as multi-use. The trail network in the park is largely interconnected and many trails are accessed from other trails rather than road accessible trail heads. Many of the trails are open to cross country skiers and back country skiers in the winter months, thanks to the efforts of several local volunteer organizations. The Manitoba Escarpment provides for exceptional viewpoints over the park and the surrounding region.

Only a short drive from Dauphin, several hikes can be accessed from parks roads including Highway 10. The RMNP and Duck Mountain Provincial Park websites provide lists of current trail conditions, year-round. Between the two parks, there are over 450 km’s of trails ranging from easy to difficult and allowing for walking, biking, horseback riding and in some cases ATV’s. Get out in Dauphin’s surrounding beauty today! There are trails for absolutely everyone, including Boreal Trail in RMNP, a fully accessible interpretive trail!

For more information on trails in RMNP, check online: www.pc.gc.ca, Parks Canada, Riding Mountain National Park, Trail Guide.

For information on trails in Duck Mountain Provincial Park, check online: www.gov.mb.ca, Parks and Natural Areas.