geocache7resize Cachefest 2012, Dauphin City Hall

The 2013 Quest for the Coin Challenge is now on!

Find all 26 geocaches that have been placed as part of the Q4C series and receive your free Dauphin geocoin. You can access all the coordinates and cache information on the website or by contacting the Tourism office for a full listing. All caches in this series start with Q4C.

*PLEASE NOTE* Please cache with caution in all seasons. Many of our caches are hidden in rural areas which require travelling on gravel roads. This past summer we had an overwhelming amount of rain and some roads may still be under repair.  Please take your time, drive carefully and do not take any paths that look unsafe. Depending on the weather and type of geocacher you are, this quest may take a weekend to complete if you cache hard or it could take you several weeks or months. Enjoy the quest and if you have any questions, please contact the Tourism office.


Oh, the places you’ll go! Climbing up hills, crawling under bridges, up in a tree, dodging poison ivy, staring at light poles and signs for endless minutes…Sounds like loads of fun right? Well, let us tell you a little bit about it before you go running for the hills without a GPS!

Geocaching is the fastest growing outdoor sport in the world with over five million geocachers and almost two million active geocaches worldwide!

As of January 2013, there were over 95 geocaches within a 15-mile radius of Dauphin’s City Hall with more being added on a monthly basis. A famous way to describe the sport is: “I use multi-million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the bush”. There’s a good chance that you’ve walked right by or stood next to a geocache and didn’t even know it. If you’re looking for new ways to explore Dauphin and new places you’ve never visited, geocaching is an activity to try. Geocaching is a year-round activity that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and skill levels.. It’s a great family activity.

Geocaching in Dauphin is exploding thanks to the help of the Tourism Dauphin Geocaching Committee (Jabbywockyz, TreasureDiggar, Pkldbutterfly and Tourism Dauphin) and many avid, independent local geocachers. See you on the hunt!

What do you need? 

GPS-enabled device or GPS-enabled • smartphone with a geocaching app.
Visit for a free membership.
Internet access to download geocache • information and log your finds.

What are you looking for? 

Geocaches (the containers) range in size • from a dime to a large 5 gallon pail.
Every geocache contains a logbook or • log sheet for you to sign.
For more tips and tricks, check out the geocaching page at or
Make sure to check out the Dauphin Geocachers Facebook page or visit

2013 Geocaching events in Dauphin and area: 

Caching Riding Mountain – June 7 & 8 2013

Tourism Dauphin’s CacheFest – September 6, 2013