Riding Mountain National Park

You will fall in love with this jewel on Dauphin’s doorstep. Dauphin is situated just 9 kilometers from Riding Mountain National Park’s pristine north boundary, so you can be hotel room to trailhead in less than 20 minutes! A year round must-visit, the 3000 km2 park offers hundreds of kilometers of front and backcountry trails for hiking, biking, skiing or riding.

Riding Mountain also offers some of the best and most accessible wildlife viewing in Manitoba! Moose, elk, deer, black bears, wolves, coyotes, fishers, martins, lynx or cougars (and more!) can be spotted, or you can view a captive bison herd in their natural habitat. Birders are in their glory in Riding Mountain, with many “wish list” species waiting to be spotted.

Whether you seek a learning experience, rejuvenating retreat, or fun with friends, there is an activity or accommodation to suit your needs.

For park information:

(204) 848-7275


For program and event information:

(204) 848-4037