Trembowla Cross of Freedom

Trembowla Cross of Freedom

Want to learn to bake bread in a peech, make borscht, or thatch a roof? You can do all three at Trembowla by booking your group experience through Dauphin Experiences at Trembowla.

This tranquil National and Provincial Heritage Site lies just 20 minutes north of Dauphin, but it will take you back over a century in time. The site and museum honours the first Ukrainian Catholic Liturgy held in Canada in 1897, and is home to the oldest preserved Ukrainian Catholic church in Canada – St.Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Originally a wooden cross was built at the site to commemorate the pioneers’ freedom in a new land. Today, a granite cross stands in its place to mark the first Cross of Freedom in Canada, in addition to monuments, pioneer homes, and Trembowla School. A grotto was erected in 2002 to honour Nykyta Budka, the first Ukrainian Catholic Bishop in Canada. An annual Moleben Service Honouring Pioneers is held there each August on the Sunday of Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival.

Open for tours July and August or anytime by appointment. Located on Provincial Road 491 off of Highway 362 north of Dauphin.


Trembowla, Manitoba

Phone: 204-638-9641 or 204-638-9191