A Farewell…

It is with a single tear that we say goodbye to a gal who has been a staunch supporter, advocate and storyteller for our region and province. Angela Gray, of the fabulous blog, Little Gray Bird, moved to Winnipegosis nearly 8 years ago and has been documenting her time here with exciting stories and pictures, drawing wonderful parallels between the prairies and her own home on the east coast. I want to take a moment to thank Angela, not only for eagerly working directly with the volunteers, coordinators and organizations in the community of Dauphin and surrounding area, but for something much more profound than that. Angela, thank you for taking the time to explore a region of our country that is sometimes overlooked. You saw the beauty that we see here, from the astounding nature and access to wildlife, to the people and stories that make us who we are. You said it well, you said it honestly, and we thank you for that.

To the little gray bird that swooped in and made a nest here for a little while – we wish you farewell. May the winds bring you safely back towards your home.


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Photo credit: The Little Gray Bird