Dawn of the Long Evenings

Locals know that the events don’t stop around the Parkland and each season focuses on  it’s strengths. Winter means snow-worship, complete with back country hiking and camping, non-stop ice fishing adventures and all kinds of cozy activities in the homes and halls of Dauphin, keeping us busy throughout a fairly cold and dark winter.

The other day, I was having a conversation with some people who were new to Dauphin and I realized that I had been taking a distinct characteristic of our summers entirely for granted.

You mean the sun will stay out until later than 7pm?!” New girl looks at me incredulously.

“Well..yes. Later even.” I couldn’t help but chuckle, wondering what the big deal was.

Someone told me it could even stay out as late as 11pm!” She was almost squealing in delight. Where had this charming woman been living? Further – where had I been living and how had I been taking this for granted for the majority of my life?

Thank you for the positive refresher, new-girl. It is an absolute reminder that the bonus of living on this particular part of the planet far exceeds the limited traffic jams. This year, I will embrace the long, bright days and treat the sun on my face after work like a new dawn.

May officially kicks of tourism season in the Parkland and Dauphin’s community calendar does not lie. Check out all there is to do this month as we fast approach the long, bright days of summer on the prairies. Click images for event details 🙂

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