#lovedauphin BLOG

#lovedauphin BLOG

This is the home for our local blog on arts, entertainment, nature, festivals, and generally anything related to loving life in Dauphin. Here’s where we talk about why it rocks to live in the best little city on the prairies!

Dawn of the Long Evenings

Locals know that the events don’t stop around the Parkland and each season focuses on  it’s strengths. Winter means snow-worship, complete with back country hiking and camping, non-stop ice fishing adventures and all kinds of cozy activities in the homes and halls of Dauphin, keeping us busy throughout a fairly cold and dark winter. The… Read more »

Summer Around the Corner (Somewhere…)

It may not seem like it, but before you know it, summer will be upon us and all of the hobbies and chores that go along with it. We’ve put together a handy dandy post for you with some dates, contacts and reminders about how to get the most out of summer life in the… Read more »


The Dauphin Agricultural Society office is hidden in a rather out of the way corner of the Parkland Rec Centre in Dauphin and if you aren’t a member of the organization, you likely wouldn’t know it was there. Even living in Dauphin for the last 6 years, working in a position where you seemingly get… Read more »

Photobomb Your Love!

In the age of digital media we are constantly reporting, documenting and promoting our own lives on various platforms and our relationships are no exception! Here in the Dauphin region, there are a few key hot spots for romantic selfies, or duallies might be more apt, and we’ve taken the time to list them here… Read more »

Hardwater Fishing Made Easy

It’s no surprise to locals to see parades of neatly decorated ice fishing shacks on the streets and trunk highways around Dauphin during the late fall months. This season certainly began later than those in recent memory and avid fishermen & women waited patiently for the stubborn warmth of fall to turn to the chilled,… Read more »